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Key Info

Design Aspect of System

Design Aspect of System

  • System Capacity: 0.25 HP to up to 20 HP
  • Anti-damage & Theft Protection
  • Space Optimized Structural Design
  • Electrical Isolation on Outdoor Protection
  • High Durability with rugged hardware design
  • Flexible Maintainability with remote diagnosis
  • Ensured optimum Solar Energy harvesting with early morning start & late afternoon stop
  • Solar Photovoltaic Module

    Solar Photovoltaic Module

  • SPV water pumping systems with certification as per IEC 61215 specifications or equivalent agency
  • Ensured protections against lightning, hails and storms
  • PV modules will have a minimum efficiency of 16.5%
  • Fill factor more than 70%
  • Low iron tempered glass, AR coated 4mm thick
  • Height of Aluminum frame of PV would be 40 mm
  • Both sides EVA encapsulation: upper of cell EVA-F406PS and lower of cell EVA-F806PS
  • Expiry of Back sheet would be complied to warranty period
  • PV module manufacturer with Proven Track Record (PTR) towards performance of previously 10 years
  • TIER-1 module manufacturer by Bloomberg rating
  • Module Mounting Structure

    Module Mounting Structure

  • Module mounting structure can be Fixed Tilt, Dual Axis Manual/Auto Tracker
  • Fully prefabricated structural design
  • Capacity of holding module can be customized based on the requirement
  • All members are 86 micron hot dipped galvanized
  • Maximum length of an individual member is 3 meter, easy to mobilize and install in remote sites
  • Faster installation and lower maintenance
  • Pump Controller Drive Panel

    Pump Controller Drive Panel

  • IP54 CPRI tested double door VFD enclosure
  • Cross ventilation for natural cooling inside the enclosure
  • Rain canopy over louver filter to prevent rain entry
  • Designed to operated up to 50 deg C ambient temperature and can be re-rated up to 60 deg C
  • Grid connection supported facility (Dual operation mode)
  • Global standard quality controlled imported module
  • VFD module with in-built EMC filter
  • Communicable over Modbus RS485 port connectivity
  • Protections: Dry run of motor pump set, Open circuit/ single phasing, Over current, accidental short circuit, locked rotor condition, under voltage, reverse polarity
  • Pump Canopy for Surface Pump Set

    Pump Canopy for Surface Pump Set

  • Powder-coated pump canopy for surface pump set installation
  • Prefabricated design of the top canopy
  • Assemble with anti-theft fasteners
  • Bottom pump platform is hot dipped galvanized
  • Top canopy along with pump set can be easily detached from the base platform during the flood time
  • Easy Installation and low maintenance
  • Padlock on the front door
  • Solar Array Fencing

    Solar Array Fencing

  • 40 X 40 X 5 mm fencing post 7 Feet fencing post
  • 40 X 3 mm fencing strip to attached the wire mesh with the fencing post
  • 2 X 1 meter entry gate
  • Horizontal support between the fencing post 30 X 30 X 5 mm angle
  • All members are 86 micron hot dipped galvanized
  • 50 mm chain link 3 mm diameter galvanized wire mesh
  • SS fasteners for fencing attachment
  • Fencing Gate with Lock Arrangement welded to the gate
  • Connectora – Intelligent Device

    Connectora – Intelligent Device

  • Connectora takes the data from the system and provide us via web based interface
  • Water flow meter input as Digital Pulse or 4-20 mA Analog Interface
  • SMS notification up to 3 mobile numbers
  • Door open alert in case of unauthorized access
  • Drive/Starter Fault alert
  • SPD trip in case of lightening
  • Additionally 4-20 mA and 0-10 V input are available to interface any sensor to measure physical parameters
  • In Off-grid Solar System: 12 VDC source to this device can be obtained from PV array (up to 800 VDC) with a specially designed power supply
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